The model 3CM-P fully automatic high-performance packaging machine features a servo motor drive system.
The model 3CM-PS is versatile and can handle various types of bags including paper, PE, and PE-cloth bags. It is extensively used in the fertilizer, animal feed, PE pellets, and many other industries to save on labor costs. The model 3CM-PS has a number of model variations to meet different customers' needs. Like the popular model 3CM-P, the model 3CM-PS can be coupled with a bag closing machine, over-tape sewing machine, or a heat sealer.


1. High speed operation of 1,200 bags per hour for 20 to 30 kg set weight packaging.

2. Handles paper, PE and PE-cloth bags.  Models DS-6 and DS-9 bag closing machines are used for sewing paper and PE-cloth bags.  Model HS-22D heat-sealer is used for heat-sealing PE bags.  Please inquire for customized specifications to your particular application.

3. The bag clamp is che3cked twice in order to prevent product spill, or discharge of weighed products without a bag ready in the filling station.

4. The feeder magazine consists of three horizontal blocks.  Each block holds 150 paper or PE bags for high-speed continuous operation.

5. All sections are provided with a safety control system to assure smooth automatic and continuous operation.

6. The intermediate shutters (optional) and dust collector assembly in the filling station prevent splashing of products and enhance dust collection.

7. For no-pinhole bags, the optional model VR vibratory de-aerator removes air from the filled bag before sealing.

3CMPS Irasuto
Capacity※1 1,300 bags/hr max.
Set weight 20 - 30 kg/bags
Bag type Paper
paper-cloth laminated bags
Cloth bags
PE bags
Bag size ※2 Width of empty bag 380 - 460 mm
Length of empty bag
750 to 950 mm
Air consumption 1,300 NL/min
Power requirements 12.0 kW
Weight 4.0 t
※1Varies with the product and operating environments.
※2Contact us for applications involving common use of different bags, use of special bags, and bag dimensions and set weights outside the above range.
3CMPS Sarbo
Drive Unit
3CMPS Kyutai
Bag Feeder
The built-in servo motor traverse assures accurate and high-speed operation. enhancing productivity.
Various types of feeders are available.
3CMPS Gaikezu
Dimensions vary with specifications.
  • Specifications should be changed without previous notice
  • There are some differences between shown picture and specifications of each MODEL.
  • Diversion without permission should be prohibited.

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