Compact body, small footprint, and low cost.
Offered with a bag turn-down device.

The uniquely designed post-filling bag traverse and discharge is performed on a carrier table.  All operations are performed efficiently, including product feeding, bag pickup and clamping, filling, bottom tapping, forming, traversing and discharging.

Capacity※1 120 bags / hr max.
Set weight 20 - 30 kg/bags
Bag type Paper
Bag size ※2 Width of empty bag 380 - 460 mm
Length of empty bag
750 to 950 mm
Air consumption Approx. 300 NL/min
Power requirements 1.5 kW
Weight 0.8 t
※1Varies with the product and operating environments.
※2Contact us for applications involving common use of different bags, use of special bags, and bag dimensions and set weights outside the above range.

3CM5B Irasto
Names of Units

1. Feeder
Bags are placed neatly with top opening facing forward.  The magazine holds approximately 50 bags.

2. Pickup Unit
Bags are picked up one by one, turned 90 degrees, and set on the filling station.

3. Clamping Unit
Each bag is clamped at both edges with a 30mm wide clamp.

4. Bag Opening Unit
Suckers pull the bag mouth open with a vacuum generator.  Timing is adjusted to each application.

5. Filling Station
Products is smoothly filled using the expansion spout.

6. Carrier Table and Bottom Tapper
The carrier table moves to the hopper position as filling starts.  The bottom tapping plate supports and taps the bag from below to facilitate settling of product in the bag.

7. Bag Form and Gripper
After the gussets are stretched out, the bag mouth is neatly formed and held between press bars to the hopper, and on the carrier table.  The carrier table transports the bag to the closing station while being firmly gripped on both ends.

8. Sewing Machine (DS-6AC)
The sewing machine starts operation upon detecting an approaching bag and sews it closed during traverse.  The grippers release the bag and the sewing machine stops upon detecting the trailing edge of the bag.

9. Discharge
The carrier table stops at a preset position.  The bottom tapping plate inclines and the bag slides off the machine.
3CM5B Gaikei
Dimensions vary with specifications.
  • Specifications should be changed without previous notice
  • There are some differences between shown picture and specifications of each MODEL.
  • Diversion without permission should be prohibited.

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