Compact Automatic Packaging Machine For Both Paper And Pe Bags

Rice (milled, intact, etc.) other granular, or powdery products are weighed, filled, and packaged automatically.  The machine handles various types of bags including paper, PE, and PP-woven cloth bags.  All operations including bag feeding, filling and closing are automated.  Comprehensive engineering know-how accumulated over years of experience by NLI was used to design this compact and high-performance machine for efficient, labor-saving, and economical bag filling.

Capacity※1 250 bags / hr max.
Set weight 20 - 30 kg/bags
Bag type Paper
Cloth bags
PE bags
Bag size ※2 Width of empty bag 380 - 460 mm
Length of empty bag
750 to 950 mm
Air consumption 200 NL/min
Power requirements 3.0 kW
Weight 1.3 t
※1Varies with the product and operating environments.
※2Contact us for applications involving common use of different bags, use of special bags, and bag dimensions and set weights outside the above range.

3CM5 Irasto

3CM5 Sansyoku
3CM5 Gaikeizu
Dimensions vary with specifications.
  • Specifications should be changed without previous notice
  • There are some differences between shown picture and specifications of each MODEL.
  • Diversion without permission should be prohibited.

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