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Insert the filled paper bag between carrier chains and all the operations of trimming, folding and over-taping are automatically performed in one line.

  • Can be connected to installed automatic packaging machines.
  • Installed machines may be required to be modified with respect to dimensions and functions.

Newlong Industrial Co.,Ltd. holds the exclusive license to Patent No.3581875 on the FT-24-ON.

Options are included in the unit shown
Sealing speed
8 - 15m/min
Top folding width
Trim width
10 - 30mm
Power source
200V, 3-phase
Drive motor


Tape width
Tape surface
2 types of print and blank
Print repeat length (when printing)
Bag width + total length of both ears + 40mm
Ear length
2 types of 5 and 40mm

Heater (One temp. controller for each pair)

For pre-heater
500W x 2, 1 pair
For over-tape
600W x 2, 1 pair
450W x 4, 2 pairs
Air source


    • Bag top controller
    • Low tape detection
    • Tape break detection
    • Tape seam detection
  • Prevention of foreign matter from being included. Foreign matter is not included because no thread and tape, source of dust, are used.
  • Reduced cost and enhanced operability Over-tape is the only auxiliary material used. ”Ear” length is reduced from conventional 40 to 5mm to reduce auxiliary material cost.
  • Printed over-tape is correctly positioned on bag Combination of printed over-tape and 5mm “ear” length make print on the seal and gussets on both sides visible even when bags are stacked. Most suitable for appealing the product name at stores.
  • Improved working environment Low machine noise because no sewer is used. Working environment is improved and maintenance is easy because there are no oiling points.
  • Reduced change-over time Bag and over-tape change-over is easily controlled on the graphic panel.
  • Use bag making machine OTS-540 for processing bag top to produce folded bags with cut tapes (with print pattern matcher).
  • Products can be taken out easily by pulling the cut tape because single fold is used.
  • Conventional folding over-tape sealers produce long “ears,” impairing the appearance of packages. In addition, the long “ear” over-tape could break during transportation, causing troubles.
  • The “ear” length is now only 5mm thanks to improved cutting accuracy. Package appearance is far better and print on the over-tape and gussets is clearly visible.
  • Because of the short tape section, the tape section containing products is formed like a square bottom.
Dimensions vary with specifications.
  • Specifications should be changed without previous notice
  • There are some differences between shown picture and specifications of each MODEL.
  • Diversion without permission should be prohibited.

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